About Your Instructor

Hi I'm Alisa, I'm paradigm shifter and Happy By Choice coach. I am in love with coffee and great vibes! It is my mission to help mom survivors of child abuse rise above the pain that has kept them confined for so long by teaching them to tap into their resourcefulness and lead a life that is aligned with the beliefs and values that will shape their families for generations to come **P.S It's time to stop shrinking yourself for the sake of survival** Let's step into light and love so that we can heal and be FREE!


What You Can Expect From HHM

Courses are a great way to work with me without actually being coached by me! You can sign up for any course anytime day or night, all the courses are self paced so you can take your time and take in the information

Each course module comes with reaing material and worksheets so that you can work through what you are learning so that you may be able to implement it. All documented course material is 100% downloadable

I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you have during your time working through the courses.

If you feel like the course isn't for you I will be happy to refund the full amount of your purchase. read more on refunds here

If you implement the information in the courses into your life you will be able to manage triggers and heal from things in your past that effect the way you show up in your life. You will be able to get to the know the YOU that is capable of making healthy decisions, setting boundaries, falling in love in a non toxic way and more.. SUPER WIN!

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